Connect with Family and Friends

Today's families are spread all over the world. We believe that sharing photos directly with someone is a great way to stay in touch and is more personal than just posting something for all to see. KindredPix was founded to make sharing photos safe and easy for all generations. It features a clean interface with ease of use and high legibility as paramount concerns.


By design

  • We've included the ability to explicitly allow or deny contact from another user
  • The privacy settings are simple to access and set
  • We made it possible to allow a trusted advisor to administer an account or a parent to monitor the account of a child.

Easy to use and highly legible

  • Drag and drop to upload photos from your computer or click to upload from your tablet or phone. Or import them directly from your email account.
  • Based on your input, we'll automatically file photos into folders for later browsing.
  • We use highly legible fonts with high contrast backgrounds to improve readability. Our menu systems are not overly complicated and we provide a help button.

Fast and Capable

  • Streamlined work flows allow you upload and share with just a few clicks.
  • Receiving and viewing are just as simple.
  • Upload from several different sources.
  • You can even make collaborative albums.