What is there to say? This whole thing is a tribute to the founder's grandmother. He wanted a way to make her feel that she was remembered. He wanted to send pictures of the kids to her, but he knew she wouldn't use a computer. So, he reasoned that a tablet would be better, but it would need to be really easy to use with large high-contrast fonts and an uncluttered interface. He couldn't find what he was looking for, so he made it.

Unfortunately, his grandmother died a few months before the site was ready, but she did get to see the wireframes and help him with the interface. If you enjoy the site, please drop us a line by clicking on the contact link at the top. If you have a comment or question, don't hesitate to send that either.


  • What does Kindredpix cost?
  • Kindredpix is free to use. We charge $1 to upgrade to a supervisory account, which is required to approve the account of a child under 13. Supervisory accounts also work on accounts of people with less technical understanding.
  • What can a supervisor account do?
  • A supervisory account can log into a managed account and do everything the owner of that account can do except send a message or post a status update as the other user.
  • Can I create a group or family page?
  • Yes. You can create a group page where you can control the membership and make certain information and files only available to members.
  • Does Kindredpix use ad tracking or 3rd part analytics software?
  • No. We don't use either.
  • Does Kindredpix use secure connections??
  • Yes, Kindredpix uses encryption to ensure that all data transmitted or received is secure. Passwords are fully encrypted as well.
  • How many images can I store?
  • You may store 1000 images in a free or supervisory account.
  • At what resolution are the images stored?
  • Images are stored at up to 2048x1024 resoution.
  • What file types can I store?
  • You can store jpeg, png, gif, and HEIC file formats. You can also add pdf files to your personal page.